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About us

About us

  Liaocheng Voiern Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (International Trade Co., Ltd.) founded in 2010, located in the High-tech Economic Development Zone of Liaocheng which is the Jiangbei water city with pleasant scenery, is the professional manufacturer for large laser equipment in China, the high-tech modernization joint-stock enterprise with integrated laser engraving machine, precision machinery, numerical control and modern management professionally engaged in research, development and production of laser equipment, the provincial high-tech enterprise, and the municipal science and technology demonstration enterprise.
  The quality policy of the company is as follows: strengthen management, improve overall quality; pay attention to quality, enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer satisfaction and product quality to further participate in domestic and international market competition, comprehensively implement ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and CE having successfully passed the certification, and registered trademark, promote the improvement of overall management level, and increase the credit degree recognized by customers at home and aboard. Thus, the company can meet the needs of customers through better products and services.
  Since the beginning of 2010, the company has increased the research and development pace and intensity of laser machines, forming the seriation of laser machine specifications and diversification of types.
  The company has been focusing on technology research and development, and independent intellectual property rights. The company also has created a team of laser engineers, mechanical design engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical manufacturing process engineers, etc., specialized in the research and development of laser machinery.
The company hires well-known domestic and foreign laser machinery experts and celebrities as the senior technical advisers, focuses on basic research of laser machine application technology and training of R&D personnel, grasps and knows the latest development trends of international laser machines, and speeds up the development of new laser products.
  In recent years, the company has made great breakthroughs in appearance design of laser machines, software update and guide rail structure technology and so on, having been well praised and received by customers at home and abroad.
  The company specially sets up a material separation technology test center and constructs the material testing system so that customers with material samples can carry out the test in the company. At the same time, the test center is equipped with a number of test prototypes (110V laser machines, 220V laser machines, etc.) for the delivery to the production sites of customers to do the test.
  According to the actual requirements of customers, the company can specially design the laser machinery products for meeting the technical requirements better. The operation instructions after technology assessment or personalized design now have been formed for every use and technical requirement of each customer. The company shall strictly manufacture and inspect according to the operation instructions. Special product file is established for each product.
  The company has a complete product manufacturing equipment and product testing device, capable of controlling the full process of product quality so as to guarantee its stability and improvement. After the repeated quality sampling, the laser machines are rated by Shandong Quality Supervision Bureau as the qualified products and also praised by the inspection authority.
  The W4060 laser machine of the company enjoys a high reputation in the industries including advertisement, handcraft, etc. and also gets quality product awards for many times.
  The W4060 and W6090 laser machines of the company win the trust of the majority of users through stable quality, reasonable price and good after-sales service, which are widely sold all over the country (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) and also exported to the countries such as Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States, etc.. Now, the products have spread around the world.